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Based in South Florida, Biotech Products Services & Research (BPSR) is a publicly traded biotechnology company committed to the research, development and processing of placental tissues with a focus on current and potential regenerative properties. We believe that these tissues offer a significant source of growth factor proteins, extracellular matrix, and cellular components that have demonstrated safe and efficacious therapies for a multitude of medical issues. BPSR has brought together four (3) subsidiaries, each focused on a specific segment of the company’s business.

The General Surgical subsidiary of BPSR has developed a focused distributor network, with sophisticated management, education, CRM, and delivery systems. The goal being is to supply allografts with competitive pricing to well-educated physicians, surgeons, and recipients. Additionally, General Surgical will have a line of bio-identical placental based cosmetic products, sold under the trademark “Organicell”, specifically designed and developed for the different skin needs of men and women.

The Beyond Cells subsidiary is responsible for patient education on regenerative medical techniques, latest literature, in addition to developing an educated, highly skilled physician and surgeon network that consumers can be connected with.

Our newest subsidiary is Mint Organics. Mint Organics is a company with a principal strategy of seeking out and developing innovative, proprietary and patented technologies to meet the needs of the rapidly emerging science of Cabanoid medicine.

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