BPSR Careers

We know that employees are our most important asset, which is why we maintain a team of eager, scrupulous and honest professionals with great experience.

We encourage the exchange of ideas in an atmosphere of coordination, positivity, ethics and rewards for hard work. We invest and foster an environment of safety and security.

Our Vision

BPSR is dedicated to the development of placental tissue-based therapeutics that provide a modern alternative to treating conditions where the current standard of care is marginally successful. We apply only the highest standards to our placental tissue-based therapies, always considering quality and safety above all else.

BPSR’s mantra is innovation. Our team works tirelessly to improve therapeutic strategies and to develop inventive treatment approaches. We aim to close the chasm that exists between research and clinics, making novel cell therapeutics available to patients and clinicians in the shortest time possible.
At the core of our values is the well-being of every patient, and we are guided by a deep respect for human life and health.

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