Corporate Responsibility

BPSR Corporate Responsibility

We at BSPR value and understand the impact a business has on it’s environment – including it’s employees, clients, shareholders and society as a whole. At every opportunity, we ensure that that impact is a positive one.

We place an extremely high importance on ethics and professional behavior, and are committed to ensuring not just quality management, but responsibility and viability in a goal-oriented direction. BSPR is driven by the concept that an active and accordant CR strategy is the best way to derive sizable benefits for our stakeholders.

We know our success is based on the people we employ, and we pride ourselves on being able to draw, develop and keep that talent throughout all levels of our company.

We help employees fulfill their potential and develop promising careers.
Even at an early phase, we give our employees highly important duties, which helps to create a challenging and stimulating environment for ambitious individuals. Based on this approach, we hope to increase the leadership and management abilities of everyone in our organization.
We also understand that our success depends on the creation, study and implementation of key policies that consider the environment, employment and supplier selection.
It is also essential to consider that impact that each aspect of our business creates on our employees, clients, suppliers, partners and the localities we operate within.