Company Mission

BPSR is a vertically integrated, science based company developing, processing, and distributing ethical, regenerative technologies and products. Our missionl is to exceed physician’s and patient’s expectations, by creating clinical and medical science where none exists and improving quality of life with innovative tissue-based products.

Our Values

Stringent Science

We are serious about our research and scientific methods, emphasizing accuracy in testing hypotheses and evaluating the potential of our products to better treat severe medical conditions.


We firmly believe that our success is tied to collaboration and teamwork, and encourage both employees and outside experts to aide and motivate one another in order to achieve our best work.


We understand that no goals are without their obstacles, and that’s why we emphasize perseverance, hard work and problem solving when faces with obstacles.


Having the trust of the community at large is very important to us, which is why we seek to be clear and communicative, updating patients, employees and shareholders on our findings and activities.


We work on a strong basis of mutual trust that allows us to make decisions that are in the best interest of those at every level of our organization.


We insist on accountability, both personally and as an organization, with every action we take. In this way, we use our resources wisely, make mindful decisions and implement those decisions in an efficient manner.

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