Our Business

Business Strategy

BPSR is a vertically integrated, science based company developing, processing, and distributing ethical, regenerative technologies and products. Our mission is to exceed physician’s and patient’s expectations, by creating clinical and medical science where none exists and improving quality of life with innovative tissue- based products.

We aim to:

Focus our varied portfolio of regenerative products with a strong consideration for cost effectiveness, instead of focusing on a single opportunity;
Create high quality products that are patently safer and more effectual than current products, made with consideration for unmet medical needs;
Align ourselves with excellent partners, like leading research centers, clinical institutions and commercial partners to intensify our endeavors and help to enable our fiscal efficiency;
Use our vast pooled experience and innovation to reduce development risk, time and expenditure.

BPSR has a constantly flourishing network of partners from academia, clinics and industry in order to take advantage of highly diverse knowledge and experience in developing innovating cell management protocols and services. We cultivate an environment of integrity and professionalism when it comes to both partners and clients, and privacy and security of their data and property is our highest priority.