Regenerative Therapy

About Placental Tissue: Amnion
Placental Tissue: Amnion Membrane & Fluid

The answer to your pain and discomfort just might be found with regenerative medicine, procedures that potentially stimulate repair as opposed to blocking or masking the pain/discomfort. Now, the use of regenerative type therapy applications may provide a new quality of life for people in pain.
Regenerative Medicine focuses on utilizing human placental tissue grafts to create an environment in your body to promote, amplify to your bodies ability to repair and push musculoskeletal tissue to repair itself. The concept of Regenerative Medicine is to shift the paradigm of treatment into a 100% healing state. Traditional treatments such as cortisone injections simply do not offer healing potential, in fact has many potential adverse reactions associated with them. Regenerative Medicine uses growth factors, collagen from healthy tissue which provides the fuel to promote healing of these injuries.

Amniotic Fluid is a protective liquid that surrounds the baby in the amniotic sac. Researchers have found that this liquid contains high concentrations of growth factors, hyaluronic acid, collagen and secretes anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial factors making it an immuno-priviliged substance.
Collection of Amniotic fluid and amniotic membrane is performed through an aseptic recovery technique during planned Cesarean section delivery by appropriately licensed personnel. All Placental donors go through a rigorous pre-screening qualification and are tested according to FDA and AATB.